Puddle Jump Coaching

Tonya Pomerantz has worked as an employment professional and career and life coach for over ten years. She has helped thousands (yes, thousands) of people successfully look for jobs, transition to a second career or determine how to move to the next step in their life or career path.

ONA Local 83

The Ontario Nurses’ Association is a proactive union committed to improving the economic welfare and quality of work-life for our members, to enable them to provide high-quality health care.

My Wealthy Advisor

Just like when you go to your doctor, Kimberley Day believes in listening to your needs and goals so she can make a personal “diagnosis” in language that you understand. And long after your appointment, and your plan is in place, you can count on her to be familiar with your history and provide answers to future questions and concerns.

Saguenay Youth Study

Saguenay Youth Study

The Saguenay Youth Study (SYS) is carried out in a population with a known founder effect, namely in French Canadians living in the Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean region of Quebec, Canada.

The Saguenay Youth Study (SYS) is a two-generational study of adolescents and their parents (n=1,029 adolescents and 962 parents) aimed at investigating trajectories of cardio-metabolic and brain health. The ultimate goal of this study is to identify effective means for increasing healthy life expectancy.

McGregor Quality Painting

McGregor Quality Painting provides custom residential painting and decorating services in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Established in 1993 by Gord McGregor, the company has successfully managed thousands of small-to-large scale projects emphasizing thorough preparation, superior quality, customer service excellence, and competitive pricing. Gord carries out all projects in an efficient and meticulous manner to ensure no compromise.

Cameron Wallace

Cameron Wallace is a young soccer player from Ottawa.

Bytown Reiki

Eleanor Aronoff helps people achieve their personal and health goals through guided Reiki sessions. Whether your focus is on health, finances, career, relationships or spirituality, Reiki is a wonderful modality to gently yet effectively support you in reaching your goals.

Spa Passion by Rachelle

Spa Passion by Rachelle is a day spa located in the heart of Orleans, which also offers mobile spa services for personal home services and special events, as well as professional beauty consulting services. In addition, Spa Passion by Rachelle now offers education sessions for young ladies from 10 to 18 years old.

GlassMate Window Solutions

GlassMate Window Solutions is a local company in Ottawa. Their goal is to build a continuous long-term business relationship with their client by providing services such as:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Eaves Cleaning
  • Siding Cleaning
  • Window Defogging
  • Window Filming

Protection of the environment is also one of their top priorities. They plant one tree in Ottawa region on an average for every five jobs completed. They work together with Tree Ottawa to contribute to their plan of planting 1 000 0000 trees by 2017. In addition, GlassMate uses environment friendly and biodegradable products through out their services.

Bowen Therapy Ottawa

Bette Madigan, founder and director of the Bowen Therapy Ottawa clinic, helps women and men get lasting relief from chronic back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and more. For nearly 10 years, she has been helping her clients reduce and eliminate all symptoms of pain, take control of their health, and reclaim their lives. As a certified Bowen therapy practitioner, Bette has personally conducted thousands of sessions for women and men who suffer pain caused by joint and muscle conditions, the aftermath of injuries or accidents, surgical procedures, and other challenges.

Lesbian Outdoor Group

The Lesbian Outdoor Group (LOG) provides opportunities for lesbians in the Ottawa-Gatineau region to enjoy the great outdoors and to socialize indoors too! Members organize a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the benefit of other members.

In LOG, lesbians get together year-round for hikes in the Gatineau hills, potluck gatherings, snowshoe walks, a yearly picnic and even a warm-the-winter dance.


(this website no longer exists)

The Ministry of revival International (MIREVINT) is a Christian community, which has eight churches in R D Congo and a church in Kitwe in Zambia. Come live a life-changing experience with God through:

  • A lively worship and dynamic teaching
  • Preaching, singing and praise
  • Healing and deliverance.

Knowing Field Designs

Knowing Field Designs offers systemic facilitation in all its services —coaching, consulting and trainings. Systemic facilitators embody the living system principles of belonging, rank and balance. We are able to shift perspectives, see the big picture, and notice the hidden dynamics/patterns within the system while allowing the natural health within an aligned system to emerge

Rideau River Music

Located in Smiths Falls Ontario, Canada, Rideau River Music has been providing musical needs to the town and area for over 30 years.

Websites on which I have contributed

Hometown Sports Grill

Hometown Sports Grill is the place locals flock to watch sporting events in HDTV—recently named by CBC as one of Ottawa’s best sportsbars. Expect a warm welcome, great service and exceptional food.

For over 15 years, Hometown has been operating an all ages, fan-friendly sportsbar at this location. We are an all ages fan-friendly sports restaurant. Learn more about us and our community. Stop by any time—the big game is always on!

RNR Staffing

Looking for Great Staff?
Why not let RnR save you time and energy by sourcing high quality, reliable staff to meet your business needs. Get started by requesting a free estimate. Once you’ve answered a few questions about your needs, we’ll get back to you with a customized quote.